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The twoday corporate fonts are Bookman Old Style and Franklin Gothic. Bookman Old Style is used in regular for all headlines, sub-headings and summaries. Franklin Gothic is used for highlighting, eyebrow, body copy, and captions.

Microsoft Office - users 

Use the default fonts Bookman Old Style and Franklin Gothic when working in Microsoft Office programs. The fonts are already installed and ready to use.


Adobe Creative Cloud - professionals  

When working professionally with the twoday brand outside of Microsoft Office programs, use the two alternative fonts.


One of the highlights of our visual identity is the use of highlighted words in headings. This really helps us emphasize key messages and catch the attention of readers. 

How is it done, you might ask? Here are some rules: 

You are allowed to highlight one or more words. One word is the standard, but sometimes you need to highlight more than one – e.g. if you want to emphasize a name. 

When highlighting words, you should change the typeface from Bookman Old Style to Franklin Gothic. Additionally, you should change the font weight to bold. So, the highlighted word(s) should be in Franklin Gothic (bold). Okay? 

Never change the color of the highlighted words. We solely highlight words by changing the typeface.