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At twoday, we believe approachable and consistent communication will help build and maintain our position as an attractive employer for people within IT and tech, and as a leading vendor of digital transformation. 

Tone of voice 

Our tone of voice is a reflection of our brand values: heart, drive and adaptability. We want to communicate in a way that builds trust, demonstrates our commitment to deliver, and reminds the audience that we are equal partners. 

This guide is meant to serve as an umbrella that unites the communication styles of each country, business unit and department

twoday’s voice describes our personality, reflects our values - and is unchanging. Our tone, on the other hand, can be adjusted to the particular audience we are addressing.


Target audience:

  • Employees
  • Potential employees
  • Customers
  • Potential customers
  • M&A candidates

Key elements of twoday’s voice:

  • Down to Earth
  • Dedicated
  • Optimistic

Key elements

Down to earth

At twoday, we want our language to be simple, down-to-earth and easy to understand. It’s a reflection of what we value: equality, teamwork and cooperation between people. We choose the less complex terminology wherever possible, and try to avoid expressions that may confuse the reader. Our focus is not to seem clever or superior, but rather relatable and capable. We use a conversational, inclusive tone, always attentive to the audience we have in mind. We use proper grammar and spelling, and aim for sentences that are concise and not overly long.


Simple, easy to understand and relatable - we want everyone, including people who are not a part of our field, to understand our solutions, value and contribution to society.


  • Choose the less complex terminology wherever possible
  • Envision the audience when you write, be inclusive and conversational
  • Use concise and not overly long sentences


  • Don’t brag
  • Don’t communicate to impress your colleagues
  • Don’t use internal language/jargon unless it’s necessary to convey specific meaning



We want our language to represent the true enthusiasm and dedication that our people share. We choose words like “we” and “together”, and use active verbs wherever possible. “twoday” represents drive, presence, availability and a trust that we always deliver. We are a community-oriented, forward thinking group that works with new technology to create a better future. We highlight customer stories to demonstrate our abilities. These are the proof points of our innovative and cutting edge work. We are not afraid to lift our perspective and communicate how our work has an impact on a social level, but we never brag about ourselves. We talk about what we have accomplished together with our customer. Wherever possible we include quotes from our partners and customers, and let them tell the audience why we are a leading vendor and an attractive employer. We emphasise our joint efforts and back up our visions and claims with data and facts.   


Enthusiastic and full of drive, forward-thinking and available - we want to communicate in a way that shows our passion for creating the technology of tomorrow.


  • Use active verbs

  • Use words like “we” and “together”

  • Prioritise customer stories

  • Focus on teamwork


  • Don’t focus on solo efforts

  • Don’t try to sound clever, but rather capable and relatable



It is ingrained in our visual profile, images and values: twoday is a company with a bright and cheerful attitude. We strive to put more emphasis on the solution rather than the challenge. We are pragmatic and flexible, always taking feedback from our customers into account and adjusting along the way. We like to spend time together with our colleagues and customers. We are inclusive and welcoming, and highlight this in our communications. We have a culture for knowledge sharing across our countries, departments and business units. We also actively share knowledge with our social media followers and on our website, through blog posts, case studies, and more. 


Positive and bright, culture for sharing and spending time together. We listen to our customers and colleagues, and are always focused on finding  solutions. People first is a core pillar for twoday.


  • Put emphasis on the positive aspect of any given topic
  • Keep images and visuals cheerful
  • Show empathy and understanding of clients’ needs
  • Express care for your colleagues and clients



  • Don’t dwell on the problem, rather focus on the solution
  • Don’t communicate negative characteristics of competitors, clients or colleagues
  • Don’t use black and white colors